We don’t sell Cannabis. We grow it… for you.

Green Grow Farms is the 1st Farm of its kind in Canada to provide horticultural services to those recreational Cannabis users who don’t want to grow their own crops at home by offering a unique Government-compliant solution.

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Cannabis is now a socially-accepted alternative health choice.

With Savings Of Up To $1200!

We are a team of horticulturalists and professionals who came together to offer Canadian residents a one-of-a-kind solution: a safe, secure, and sterile place to grow cannabis outside of the home away from their residence, precious family members, and pets.  Watch the video and see what we’re talking about.

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Green Grow Farms

OUR MISSION:  To relieve the burden on communities and neighbourhoods, by moving homegrown recreational marijuana plants out of Canada’s private homes - away from children and pets - and into the care of professionals.

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