We’re accumulating some of the most frequently-asked questions here.  This list will change, but if you don’t see your question asked here, send us a message below.

What's the pre-launch pricing for acquiring my own Green Suite?

Green Suites are available to reserve for a $500 deposit while we are in pre-launch.  Please contact our sales department at sales@greengrowfarms.com to enquire about all the details.

How long does it take to get my crop after I place my order?

Each crop season is 4 months. 3 months to plant, nuture and harvest, and one month to dry, package and ship to you.

What if I want to plant more than 4 plants?

According to Bill C-45, individuals are able to plant up to four plants for their personal use.
Since we are acting on your behalf, we, too, may only grow up to 4 plants per person.

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Green Grow Farms

OUR MISSION:  To relieve the burden on communities and neighbourhoods, by moving homegrown recreational marijuana plants out of Canada’s private homes - away from children and pets - and into the care of professionals.

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