The Green Suite


We grow Cannabis for those who don’t want to grow Cannabis.

What is a Green Suite?

Our unique Green Suite is a self-contained unit that measures 5 feet x 5 feet x 8′ feet.  It’s commonly referred to as a grow pod, pod or green suite.

Think of each unit as a condominium unit within a building complex.  Each unit is leased by an individual who is allowed to grow up to four plants, 3 times per year, according to Bill C-45.

Each unit is a self contained and sterile facility.  It has its own ventilation system so there is no risk of cross contamination of any kind of pollutant. The benefits to growing your Cannabis with us are plenty, not to mention you have none of the risks associated with growing it yourself, at home.

What are the risks in growing Cannabis myself?

Many home growers have exclaimed frustration when they tell stories of how they, “… tried to grow Cannabis.”  It’s an expensive and frustrating lesson to learn it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The average recreational grower is inexperienced, has inadequate facilities in which to grow, and may even have children and/or pets at home.  And it’s always a risk that nearby airborne toxins and pollutants will be absorbed into the plant they’re growing.  Soil conditions, hydroponic costs, and the heat and moisture generated indoors from growing Cannabis can also be problematic.

Some of the risks associated with growing Cannabis at home are:

  • fire;
  • mold;
  • complaints from neighbours;
  • landlord/tenant disputes over rental properties;
  • odour;
  • exposure to children and pets;
  • possible decrease in home’s market value;
  • inability to grow all year round.


When you choose to grow with us, we take care of everything for you.

Growing your own Cannabis couldn’t be easier.  Our 4-step process means that once you lease your Green Suite, you simply place your order and we take care of the rest.

Order. Plant. Harvest. Deliver… repeat.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Growing with us means you’re always
on top of your crop!


Lease your own Green Suite Grow Pod (to secure us growing on your behalf) and grow up to 4 plants a maximum of 3 times per year.


When the Green Suite is prepared and ready for your crop to be planted, simply select the strain you want.


Your seeds are planted by one of our trained horticulturalists and monitored 24/7 for health and yield. Because the pods are individual, there is no risk of disease or cross-contamination from pollutants


Did we mention that we have a live-feed camera in your Green Suite so that at any time of any day during the grow stage, you can check in on your crop? Yup. We’ve got that, too.


Your crop (of up to 4 plants) will be harvested, dried and packaged for delivery to you.  That is, right after they are 3rd-party tested for quality.


Your discreet package of Cannabis is carefully packaged up and sent to you via our exclusive track-n-trace system.  Only you can receive your crop.


Simply place your strain order for the next crop grow and we’ll begin the process all over again. Easy right? At Green Grow Farms, you’re good to grow!

The Green Grow Farm

We are sterile. Safe. Secure.

Built on 100 acres of horticulturally-designated land;

  • 65,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility;
  • interactive pod (green suite) system;
  • supports 3,200 recreational cannabis craft micro-growers;
  • breaking ground Spring 2021.

Imagine having a place where you could have your own grow space that was managed on your behalf, producing crops up to 3 times per year and costing only a fraction of what you’d pay if you purchased through the legal channels available today.

Green suites are built to produce premium, craft-quality cannabis at a fraction of the current legal cost every 4 months. 


Protect your cannabis crop, your investment, your property, and your community with a green suite.

Lease Your Own Green Suite

Green Grow Farms

OUR MISSION:  To relieve the burden on communities and neighbourhoods, by moving homegrown recreational marijuana plants out of Canada’s private homes - away from children and pets - and into the care of professionals.

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