Reserve Your Green Suite

Congratulations! You have just reserved your very own Green Suite Grow Pod. Now you can rest assured that you have invested in a company providing you with the highest quality premium craft cannabis in the industry.

Over the next three months, here’s what you can expect:

Order – Once your Green Suite is prepared and ready for your crop to be planted, simply pick your desired strain (there are up to 3 available strains to choose from)

Plant – Your chosen seeds are planted by one of our trained horticulturalists and monitored 24/7 for health and yield. Because the pods are individual, there is no risk of disease or cross-contamination from pollutants

Interact – Check in on your crop at any time of day during the grow stage via a live-feed camera in your Green Suite

Harvest – Your crop will then be harvested, 3rd party tested for quality, dried and packaged
Deliver – Your discreet package of Cannabis is then delivered to you directly via our exclusive track ‘n’ trace system

It’s as simple as that!

At Green Grow Farms, we set ourselves apart from the competition by providing you with a unique one-of-a-kind solution.

Green Grow Farms

OUR MISSION:  To relieve the burden on communities and neighbourhoods, by moving homegrown recreational marijuana plants out of Canada’s private homes - away from children and pets - and into the care of professionals.

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